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Who Pays Disability Insurance?

“My health insurance will pay for my disability” I have heard this response from prospective clients many times before we start working together. It is not uncommon for people to confuse the benefits offered by health insurance and disability insurance and long-term care insurance. When learning about an individual or a family, one of the […]

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Do You Need Life Insurance?

“My wife and I don’t need life insurance. We know my wife’s parents will take care of the children” You know what happens when you assume, right? That is what happens when couples with children feel that they don’t need life insurance and that their parents or in-laws will step in to take care of […]

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Aaron Makes the Top 100 People in Finance

Aaron Safier has been selected to the Top 100 People in Finance in the Top 100 Magazine.   The Top 100 People in Finance Magazine is currently in production.   Read Aaron’s Bio in the Magazine here:   Aaron Safier is the founder and chief executive officer of Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group, a New York […]