What Is Wall Street? Moderating a Panel at Yeshiva University

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Yeshiva University Panel | Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

On Wednesday, December 19th, Aaron Safier moderated a panel of speakers, at Yeshiva University Sy Syms School of Business on the topic of, “What is Wall Street”.

The purpose of this program was to give students a greater appreciation for the broad variety of career opportunities in the world of Finance. As such he asked the panel of speakers a series of questions to develop conversations between themselves and garner interest amongst the students.

While many of the panelists work in a variety of different capacities, many students found the information shared useful for their respective job searches.

Some topics of discussion included:

  • What do their daily jobs entail?
  • Who are your types of individual and clients they typically work with?
  • What skills or personal qualities does it take to be successful in your role?
  • What is rewarding about what they do?
  • What are some challenges they face in their job?
  • What advice would they give a college student to prepare himself or herself for a career on Wall Street?

At the end of the program, the Yeshiva University students were encouraged to speak to the panelists to learn more about their respective jobs, and to network.

View some photos from the event:

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