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Life Insurance Application | Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Shopping for Life Insurance

Life Insurance is Never Bought, it’s Sold When was the last time someone you knew willingly went online to shop for life insurance? Quite often we use the internet to shop and compare prices on necessary items like groceries or luxury items such as a nice pair of expensive shoes. Very often people don’t think...
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Expenses | Private School | Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Living With Education Expenses

“My parents will pay for my children’s private school” In recent years many young and up-and-coming professionals, those of whom are married and/or have children are discovering some of the challenges of living a moderate lifestyle – it is expensive! Whether it be having one child or multiple children, the expenses keep rising every year...
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Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?

You may not be worth more dead than alive, even with a will.  I am sure growing up someone has heard a spouse say to the other, “my husband/wife can’t wait till I kick the bucket because they know I am worth more dead than alive”. When we figure the money one makes, investments they...
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Retirement Planning | Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Planning for Retirement

I want to open a 401(k) account, so I can start planning for retirement in 5 years One of my favorite motivational speakers is Les Brown. I have listened to a number of his speeches for years, sometimes the same one twice a day, whether in the car or at the gym. He shares that...
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Financial Planner New York NY

Fundamentals of Financial Planning

The fundamentals of financial planning are quite easy – save more than you spend in the earlier stage of your career so that when you get older, ultimately retire you can enjoy and relax.
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Time Equals Money | Financial Planning | Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Time Does Equal Money

We know that time permits us to do many things. It gives us the opportunity to learn new things, build projects or businesses, or even to purchase something now that will only increase in cost the longer one waits.
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Long-Term Investments | Financial Planning | sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Compounded Interest Makes You More Money With Long-Term Investing

Over time your investments will yield a higher return with long-term investing, as opposed to short term gain & benefits.
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Insurance | Financial Planning | sapphire Wealth Advisory Group

Who Pays Disability Insurance?

“My health insurance will pay for my disability” I have heard this response from prospective clients many times before we start working together. It is not uncommon for people to confuse the benefits offered by health insurance and disability insurance and long-term care insurance. When learning about an individual or a family, one of the...
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Financial Planner New York

Investing in a Money Market Account

When it involves long-term investing, leaving all of your money in money markets is not the only method of growing your wealth. As the old adage goes, “you have to be in it to win it”, in order to make money from investing one may need to take a bit more risk in your investing.
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