Family Governance & Wealth Education

Helping families and their young adult children understand the importance of planning for their financial future

At Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group, we help families set a vision and define a philosophy relating to spending and saving. Simplifying many hard-to-answer questions relating to planning is one of our initial goals. Listening to what the family’s financial and personal aspirations are and educating families on making better decisions relating to their planning objectives help us coordinate a plan of action.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Reviewing all the different facets of an individual investment portfolio to ensure they are on track to accomplish their goals
  • Review investment accounts
  • Modeling and stress-testing investment portfolios
  • Making sure the appropriate type(s) of investment accounts are being used for retirement and non-retirement goals
  • Analyze portfolios in relation to various tax implications that may arise 

Investment Management

Manage, review, and rebalance of our clients’ investment portfolio to help ensure they can “weather” the storm of volatility

Establishing an investment policy statement with our clients to better guide us in the management of their investments is an integral part of our financial strategy. We will create and customize investment portfolios for our clients’ investment objectives, and periodically review and rebalance investment accounts to help ensure they are meeting their specific goals.

Risk & Insurance Management

Coordinating an insurance plan for clients helping them protect themselves and their families against unforeseen events

One of our primary objectives is to ensure our clients have the appropriate amount and type of life insurance and disability insurance. When necessary in our relationship we may also discuss purchasing long term care insurance as well. Our advisors review and analyze all of your personal insurance policies such as, life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care, as well property & casualty insurance, and run stress-tests to ensure the adequacy and suitability of those contracts.

Financial Planning for Business Owners

Working side-by-side with entrepreneurs and business owners in establishing group benefit and insurance programs to satisfy their employees needs.

We collaborate with business owners and outside advisors in establishing succession planning. Our advisors assist in setting up Employee Stock Option Plans as well as establishing qualified retirement plans for the company employees. Providing different options in purchasing Corporate-Owned and Bank-Owned life insurance allows us to create and customize Key Executive Retention & Reward Plans.

Special Needs Planning

Assisting families in creating a collaborative plan addressing legal and financial strategies for their child(ren) with special needs.

Sapphire Wealth Advisors work closely with legal and tax advisors to establish plans that will provide the necessary means to sustain the child(ren’s) current and future lifestyle. We discuss and review suitable planning strategies to ensure care is available when the individual’s parents are no longer around, providing suggestions towards resources that may offer assistance.

Philanthropy Management

Working with individuals and strategic partners in creating plans to establish gifting strategies and legacy planning to benefit charities

Sapphire Wealth Advisors will assist you in defining your charitable interests and identify nonprofits that work in those areas while customizing efficient ways of distributing wealth to charities. We may work with strategic partners that may offer guidance in ensuring we are maximizing the charitable giving, in addition to collaborating with estate planning attorneys to ensure appropriate gifting strategies are being exercised. In order to help you expand your network of influence, we will introduce you to like-minded philanthropists.

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